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MIL5015 Shell 16


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Maojwei Mil-C-5015 series connectors conform to US military Mil-C-5015 standard(GJB600), with high strength Aluminum Alloy shell, Synthetic rubber insulator, threaded coupling, Alternate insert positioning, solderand crimping terminal, low cost, simple and practical design, widely used in industrial machinery and equipment, military , defense equipment, marine , automobile industry, instrument and servo motor etc. Our connectors can replace European and American similar products.

Features: (a) High quality,highwithstanding voltage, high reliability;low cost;light weight, different size;

                (b)MS3106 straight plug,MS3108 angled plug,MS3102 socket,MS3101plug,MS3100 plug,MS3057cable clamp,MS25042/25043dust cap.

                  (c) Solder and crimping type;

                  (d)  Good sealing performance, waterproof IP67;

                 (e)Corrosion resistance; hard dielectric inserts;good electrical conductivity and mechanical strength.

Shell 16 plug  and  socket ,we have 16-9  4pins,16-10  3pins,16-11  2pins。10A  15A  and  30A current.

Detail Code:MS3106A16-9S staight plug,MS3106A16-10S staight plug,MS3106A16-11S staight plug;MS3108A18-9S  angled plug,MS3108A16-10S angled plug,MS3108A16-11S angled plug;MS3102A16-9P square socket,MS3102A16-10P square socket,MS3102A16-11P square socket,P=pin,S=socket  option,welcome  to  choose.



Material and Technical Parameter

 Mil-C-5015 / JGB600 Coupling thread coupling
 Shell Material
 High Strength Aluminum Alloy Shell Finish
 Zinc plated,  army green/silver/black
 Pin number
 2,3,4pins Pin arrangement Code
 See below  form
 Contacts material
 Copper Alloy; gold plated Termination
 solder / crimp
 S  female; P male Solder cup diameter
 Insulator Material
 Synthetic Rubber Insulator flame retardant grade UL94-V0   220℃
 Rate Voltage
 500V Cable diameter range
 Rated Current
 10A;15A;30A IP grade
 Withstanding Voltage
 5000V/1min Salt Spray Test
 60H  EIA364.28
 Operation Temperature-55℃--150℃ Mating Cycle
500 times

* * *More U.S. Mil-C-5015 Standard models and pins arrangement are in the R & D, please call or E-mail to ask.

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